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Kill Club – Friday the 13th: Part 2

Hello campers. I continue my 12 week ranking of kills for each Friday the 13th film. This week’s movie is Friday the 13th part 2. I will include some trivia such as filming locations, box office gross and facts about the kill scenes. I hope you enjoy.

Friday the 13th part 2 was filmed in and around New Preston and Kent, Connecticut. It opened on April 30th, 1981. Although it did not gross as much as the original and still received negative reviews, the sequel grossed over $21.7 million in the United States on a budget of $1.25 million. The beginning of the film takes place 2 months after the original and then time jumps to 1984.

Fun Fact: This is the first movie to introduce Jason as the killer. For years, actor Warrington Gillette was credited as playing Jason throughout the movie as his name was in the opening and closing credits. It was years later until Steve “Dash” Daskawitz learned of this and started doing conventions. Steve portrayed Jason in every scene with the exception of the opening scenes and when Jason was unmasked. Warrington Gillette played unmasked Jason in just the reveal however he would spend years on the convention circuit taking credit for the entire movie. Jason in this film is dressed to look exactly the same as the hooded, burlap sack killer from The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1976). The only difference is that the burlap sack he wears has only one eye hole, and his shirt has a slightly different plaid design.

There are a total of 10 kills in this movie however it has been debated through the years if the total count should be 9 as the viewers do not know what happened to one of the characters. For this list I will discuss this individual as give an honorable mention to another character who is not on the list.

As in my previous blog, I based my rankings on a combination of things like the gore factor, shock value and anything that made it out of the ordinary, as if any of it is ordinary. The list starts with my least favorite to must see segments

Terry is the beauty of the movie. Often wearing short shorts and tight shirts. She does have a peer Scott who has the hots for her and often pulls pranks on her as a way of showing his affection. After taking a dip in the lake, Terry’s clothes are taken from where she had left them. She soon finds out that it was Scott. I won’t talk too much about this interaction as it goes along with Scott’s demise. When Terry comes back to help Scott, she discovers that he has been killed and she turns around to scream and run towards the camera. It is never established what had happened to Terry until you see her body in Jason’s shack.

Fun Fact: Kirsten Baker is the first woman in the franchise to be fully nude.

Crazy Ralph
Ralph warned them that they were all doomed and they didn’t listen. I always wondered if Ralph new the camp was evil, why did he keep going back there?! We once again meet Ralph at the start of the movie warning the new counselors. You than see him later on that day riding his bike up to camp. That night, we soon discover that Ralph is also a peeping Tom. While he is watching the counselors, he hears a twig snap. He looks over to see what could have made the noise and then 2 arms come around the tree he is standing by and strangles him with barbed wire. Someone should have warned poor Ralph.

Deputy Winslow
After catching counselors Sandra and Jeff trespassing onto the grounds of
Camp Crystal Lake he returns them to Paul and leaves upset that Paul will reprimand them by them not getting seconds on desert. As the deputy is leaving the property grounds, he sees a masked figure running across the pathway. He begins a foot chase and soon comes to Jason’s shack. It is than that the deputy discovers what the viewers will see in the climax of the film. Soon after the deputy gets the backside of a hammer to the back of his head.

Fun Fact: Another horror movie released in 1981 disposes a hospital security guard the same way. That film is Halloween 2.

Vickie is friends with Terry. At first the viewer thinks she is this sweet innocent girl but you soon learn that she is any typical girl in a horror film. She likes to smoke pot and makes innuendo’s to her crush Mark. After using Mark’s fingers in classic early 80’s hand held gaming electronics, they decide to spend the night together. She soon goes back to her cabin to get ready.

When she comes back, she can’t find Mark (which I will talk about later) and goes to the room where Jeff and Sandra are. She soon discovers that something tragic happened (again, we will discuss later) and as she looks at the bed, Jason comes out from under the covers. From there, the viewers are given a POV shot of Jason’s hand, holding a large knife and he lunges the knife towards her lower body. We are never given an actual shot of the knife penetrating her, just Vickie’s reaction.

Scott is the prankster of the movie. His pranks usually involve Terry in which at the beginning of the movie he hides in the woods and uses his sling shot and hits Terry in the butt. Later on, as Terry is skinny dipping, he steals her clothes. Once Terry realizes what has happened, she confronts him and as they are walking he steps into a rope trap and gets hurled in the air hanging upside down. He asks Terry to cut him down. After he promises to stop his pranks, Terry leaves to get a knife. While he is waiting for Terry, Jason comes up to him and uses a machete to slice his throat.

The movie opens 2 months later with Alice having a nightmare of the events in Friday the 13th. After she wakes up, she is about to start get into the shower when her mom calls. After a brief argument with her mom, she takes her shower and when she gets out she hears a noise. She grabs the ice pick and walks towards the open window in the kitchen. We than get a jump scare and her cat jumps in through the window. She then goes to open the refrigerator and is startled by the sight of Mrs. Vorhees decapitated head in between her milk and cookie dough. We than see a left arm go around her neck and a right arm impale her temple with the ice pick she had put down.

Fun Fact: Adrienne King was pursued by an obsessed fan after the success of the original Friday the 13th and purportedly wished her role to be small as possible, though in the documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, it was stated that King’s agent had asked for a higher salary, which the studio could not afford.

While many fans give high accolades to Amy Steele’s portrayal of Ginny Field, I have always wondered what would have been the narrative of the plot if Adrienne King was able to commit to the film.

Mark is the jock in the movie who unfortunately was in a motorcycle accident which caused him to be paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Despite all of this, he is in good spirits and is constantly making remarks that he is training. Later on that night after deciding not to go out drinking, he stays back with Vickie, Jeff and Sandra. When Jeff and Sandra go upstairs he is finishing up his riveting game of electronic hockey with Vickie. When he declines to take a toke of pot from Vickie, she proceeds to ask if all of his lower extremities his paralyzed. We find out that he is not so paralyzed after all. While waiting for Vickie to return, he goes outside to the porch. It begins to rain and that is when he gets a meat cleaver to the forehead. Adding insult to injury, the force of the impact propels his wheelchair back and down what seems to be a never ending row of steps. The scene than fades to white.

Jeff and Sandra
We meet the young couple after the opening credits as they are making their way to Camp Blood. Jeff and Sandra are the rule breakers. After getting caught trespassing by Deputy Winslow, they are not allowed to go out with the other counselors for one last night on the town. Later on that night, they go up to their room to engage in premarital sex. Jason enters the 2 story cabin and grabs a spear that was used as a prank earlier in the night. He then walks up the steps and enters Jeff and Sandra’s bedroom. Sandra who at this point is on the bottom, looks up and sees Jason. She immediately gasps’ and Jason plunges through Jeff’s back and into Sandra’s stomach and you see the tip of the spear hit the bedroom floor.

Fun Fact: The impalement scene draws major similarities to Mario Bava’s A Bay of Blood which was released in 1971. Ron Kurz whom was the writer of the Friday the 13th pt. 2 claimed to never have seen the film. To avoid an X rating, 48 seconds from the movie had to be trimmed down, this scene being the most gruesome one. In addition, Marta Kober who played Sandra was underage at the time of filming and had nudity in this scene. When Paramount learned her real age, the scene was altogether deleted.

Since Friday the 13th Pt. 2 came out, viewers often wondered what happened to Paul. When Jason is first shown fully on screen, Paul and him immediately engage in hand to hand combat. Jason knocks Paul out. The viewers do not see Paul until the climax of the movie when he comes to Ginny’s aide in Jason’s shack. He then puts up another good fight until he again is knocked out by Jason. After Ginny plunges the machete through Jason’s shoulder, he helps her back to her cabin. They soon hear something at the door and get ready to battle with Jason again. When Paul opens the door, they are greeted by Muffin, Terry’s Shit Tzu who went missing earlier in the movie.

Earlier in the movie, Muffin ventures out into the woods and she is greeted by a pair of legs with a POV from Jason. We do not see Muffin until later when Sandra and Jeff are walking to Crystal Lake and see a corpse of an animal in which Sandra says it looks like a dog. I was delighted to see Muffin had survived Jason however just as Muffin goes to Ginny, Jason crashes through the window and grabs her.

Director Steve Miner said this is not a dream sequence however fans still debate this idea. Where is Paul, did he survive the ordeal? Was Muffin eaten by Jason. It’s up for you to decide.

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