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Confessions of a Cosplayer: Emily Lane

Welcome to another installment of “Confessions of a Cosplayer”. Each week I will feature a cosplayer in the Friday franchise who I either know personally or through social media. As time moves on, I will also be focusing on other iconic horror characters from other franchises then I will have horror inspired cosplayers. If you are a cosplayer or know someone who is a cosplayer and would like to be featured on a weekly spotlight please reach out to me on Facebook or track me down through social media.

I do not know this cosplayer personally, only through social media. I was first introduced to her by following the cosplay page Gallow Goes to Hell on Facebook and @13_gallows_lane on Instagram. She happens to be the co-founder of the brand along with Joe Gallow who was the 1st article to kick off Confessions of a Cosplayer. Emily plays dual roles within 13 Gallows. Not only does she cosplay as “Lady Vorhees” she also does the photography.
I will be meeting Emily for the first time when she visit’s Blairstown, NJ in May with the rest of the 13 Gallows crew. I have also heard that she might be debuting a new costume then. Stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of 13 Gallows Lane

Emily Lane

1. What is your first memory of watching a Friday the 13th movie?

My mom always liked scary movies so I’m sure the first few times I saw a F13 movie was with her.

2. What is your favorite Friday the 13th movie?

I’ve been a Pam fan since day one so honestly the first is my favorite of the cannon movies. But I am a pretty big fan of some fan made films that are floating around out there.

3. What made you get into the art of cosplaying (how old were you? Where did you first show off your cosplay, do you design your own clothing, hood, hockey mask etc.? If not, who do you use to help with your costume?)

I’ve always been into different kinds of cosplay in general. I’m a photographer and I like to do cosplay photography the most. I really started in with the Jason cosplay when I teamed up with my partner Joe Gallow. I started capturing his costume regularly with ideas we had for sets and eventually we began to try a lady Jason. And we also created a live and dead Pamela sweater for a mother cosplay as well. Joe is the mastermind behind our designs, I just help out.

4. How many versions of Jason costumes do you have? Do you have plans to showcase more costumes?

I myself have a Lady Ghost Jason from Never Hike Alone and a Pamela set. I am working on a retro remake that I want to do along with some others in the mix.

5 .Do you attend conventions? If so which ones do you attend? Are there any you recommend for someone who has never attended? What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a convention as a cosplayer?

I haven’t been to many cons yet. I am trying to be regular at UBCON in Buffalo. I am going to be trying to attend some Monster Mania’s in the future.

6 .What advice would you give to a first time cosplayer?

Just have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

7. Who are some of your favorite cosplayers that you follow on social media or personally know?

I follow so many it would be hard to pick. I’m on the app TikTok and I admire so many amazing cosplayers.

8. Do you have any social media accounts for your cosplay that you would like to promote?

13_gallows_lane and ylimeemily_laneenal on Instagram.
Gallow Goes to Hell on Facebook
Emmibeatdown on TikTok

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