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Confessions of a Cosplayer: Jordan Harvey

Welcome to another edition of “Confessions of a Cosplayer”. Each week I will feature a cosplayer in the Friday franchise who I either know personally or through social media. As time moves on, I will also be focusing on other iconic horror characters from other franchises than I will have horror inspired cosplayers. If you are a cosplayer or know someone who is a cosplayer and would like to be featured on a weekly spotlight please send an email to SouthJerseyJason@gmail.com.

I met this cosplayer briefly while in Blairstown, NJ this past September for Jason Fest. Prior to that I followed him on Gallow Goes to Hell on Facebook. In my opinion, he has the best reboot Jason costume out there. Looking at him you would think that Jason literally stepped out of the movie screen like from a scene in Last Action Hero.

Jordan Harvey

  1. What is your first memory of watching a Friday the 13th movie?
    The only memory I have is sitting in the movie theater watching the 2009 film and just admiring how scary and cool Jason was in that movie.
  2. What is your favorite Friday the 13th movie?
    It’s kind of obvious to what Friday the 13th movie I like and that is the 2009 remake. I know that a lot of people don’t really like the film for obvious reasons but I just love the overall idea to me. Rather he be the supernatural killing machine, he’s more like this hunter that they threw in to the character and I loved the overall look and feel of the film.
  3. What made you get into the art of cosplaying (how old were you? Where did you first show off your cosplay, do you design your own clothing, hood, hockey mask etc.? If not, who do you use to help with your costume?)
    I first started cosplaying Jason back at ScareACon back in 2010 but the costume was nowhere near what it looks like now. I didn’t make anything for the costume. I just weathered the pants; I had to cut them up and they were just the right look and tone to what I was looking for and everything I bought (shirt and jacket I got off eBay) The muscle suit is a Party City muscle suit that I incorporated into the shirt to give me the physical look to as Jason did in the movie. The machete holster I got from Escape Theory Studios and the hood I got second hand from a guy in Sweden. The original creator of the mask doesn’t make the mask anymore unfortunately.
  4. How many versions of Jason costumes do you have? Do you have plans to showcase more costumes?
    The only Jason costume I have is the remake. I’ve never had any other intentions of doing another Jason cause manly I’m afraid that I won’t appreciate them like I do like with my remake, because I put so much time and hard work into it I don’t think I could ever do another Jason but I wore other Jason costumes from photoshoots I have done with 13 Gallows Lane.
  5. Do you attend conventions? If so which ones do you attend? Are there any you recommend for someone who has never attended? What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a convention as a cosplayer?
    I tried to attend a lot of conventions however where I am from, there is not a lot of horror related ones. I really do like attending Monster Mania. I’ve made some great memories at that convention. I have also met a lot of cool people. My advice to a beginner is to just have fun, don’t worry about what other people think, just have fun doing what you do.
  6. What advice would you give to a first time cosplayer?
    Just have fun don’t worry about what others think about you and if you love a certain character, cosplay it and you will be able to build and work on it to make it better than when you started. That’s what I did with my Jason costume; just built more stuff to it and added more to it until eventually I made into what it is today.
  7. Who are some of your favorite cosplayers that you follow on social media or personally know?
    There’s a lot of people that I like, I just can’t name some. I would end up saying everyone so to answer your question I have to say anyone who has ever cosplayed Jason.|
  8. Do you have any social media accounts for your cosplay that you would like to promote?
    @13_Gallows_Lane on IG and Gallow Goes to Hell on Facebook
    My IG is Harvey.cos
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