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Friday the 13th: The Corona Curse

Its been a while since I last wrote an article. With my last article, I started a 2 part recap of my time in Blairstown for the opening of the Friday the 13th Museum. In that article I recapped my time at JasonFest which would have led up to the day of the opening however I did not know how busy the Halloween season would be for me. In the upcoming weeks, I will be bring back my kill count blogs in which I rank my favorite kills from each of the movies.
My Friday the 13th weekend was supposed to be split with 2 events. One was an event I would have on Friday at Level Up Entertainment at the Hamilton Mall which would be the first time I would partner up with my friend and photographer Jennifer James of James Photography & Imaging. The 2nd event would be at MonsterMania in which I would be hanging out with my friends from Gallow Goes to Hell at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ.
Little did we know a virus called Corona would put a big wrench into those plans. Monster Mania was the first of many cons to be cancelled. Due to the cancellation, my wife Irene and I decided to make an impromptu trip to see our friends in Blairstown, NJ. Before that myself along with Joe Gallow would receive a message from Nathan Barker of Camp Blood Radio asking if we could fill in as co-host for his weekly podcast. I have been a fan of the show since I discovered them a year ago and I look forward to every Friday for a new episode. They are friends of mine and I am hoping one day our paths will cross and we will have a back pack beer.

Joe Gallow and I had some mighty big shoes to fill as co-host for the show. In speaking with fans, we did a great job.

On Friday the 13th, I had my first booked event of the year at Level Up Entertainment in the Hamilton Mall which is located in Mays Landing, NJ. This would be my 3rd time, they have invited me to one of their events. We booked 2 more for this year, 1 of which has been postponed due to the current crisis. Hopefully the 2nd event will still go on which is scheduled for Halloween and this will be my 2nd appearance for this event. We have something exciting planned for this one. I recently partnered with a photographer, Jennifer James whom I met this past November at the Underground which is a kick as store in Smithville, NJ. She was doing the photography for Zombie Santa. We started a friendship and than a partnership to expand both our resumes. Currently she is doing a internet project in which you can take pictures of you children while they are home and she will create a fun backdrop for you. The cost is $10. For more information her website is https://www.jamesphoto.com/ I would also like to mention that during this crisis my friends at Level Up Entertainment have not worked. They are a local business and have been greatly effected by the shutdown. If you are a fan of pop culture, comics and retro video games check them out at https://www.shoplevelup.com/

After our event at Level Up Entertainment, Irene and I made out trip up to Blairstown, NJ. The last time we where there was back in December to celebrate the Christmas Tree lighting on 12/13/19. Whenever we go up, its like visiting family. On Friday, they had conducted their trolley tours (if you have taken the tour, I strongly suggest you do!) For these scheduled tours, they were also doing a fundraiser for the upcoming fan film
“His Name Was Jason”. You can find the trailer in the fan film section on my website. In addition to the trolley tours, the man behind the mask and creator of the film, Dave Brown was also in town and took part in the tour dressed as his Jason. The museum decided to open on Saturday to do an additional trolley tour.
On Saturday the 14th, we started our day having breakfast at the Blairstown Diner and seeing Gary who is the owner. He is one of the nicest people we have ever met and his hospitality is second to none. After we finished eating, he had us try his ice cream which he gets from a local maker. Words can not describe how great it was. If you have yet to eat at the famous diner as seen in the movie, put it on your list when you go to town.
After stuffing our faces, I squeezed myself into my costume and met up with a friend Jonathan who I met on social media. He was a past cosplayer in one of my spotlights. He cosplays as Roy Burns. He met me at the diner in his costume and we spent time there taking pictures with fans of the movie. During this time, the trolley tour stopped by. I ran into Dave Brown, Matthew Keller and my favorite Jason cosplayer @MiniJason and her Mom and Dad. Her dad is also a cosplayer @horrordaddy85. He too recently had a part 8 costume made by the great James Ingram of J3 Jason Costumes. We made a plan to go to the cemetery and take some photos together.
After we finished taking pictures we headed back to the museum had a Corona and also was their to celebrate Dave receiving a check for the money raised that will go towards the filming of “His Name Was Jason” A Friday the 13th Fan Film

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