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Confessions of a Cosplayer: Chris Dunegan

Welcome to another installment of “Confessions of a Cosplayer”. Each week I will feature a cosplayer in the Friday franchise who I either know personally or through social media. As time moves on, I will also be focusing on other iconic horror characters from other franchises then I will have horror inspired cosplayers.
If you are a horror cosplayer or know someone who is a horror cosplayer and would like to be featured on a weekly spotlight please reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or send me an email at SouthJerseyJason@gmail.com

What is your first memory of watching a Halloween movie?
The first memory I have of watching a Halloween movie is when I was little. My family and I used to always rent movies every weekend. I always got Halloween and Friday the 13th. My dad always used to joke with me about Jason Voorhees because we camped a lot, so he told me that Jason was out there waiting for me. As for Michael, he told me that he got shot six times but was still at large and hadn’t been caught. It wasn’t until years later when I watched Halloween 2.

What is your favorite Halloween movie?
My favorite Halloween movie is a tie between the 78 and the 2018. I love the continuity that it has going and cannot wait to see the direction it is heading with the upcoming films. The team was so dedicated in getting it right. That is something that rarely happens because typically when they try too hard the story line and everything becomes stale.

What did you think of the 2018 movie?  Where you skeptical at first as the producers decided to ignore the majority of the lore and take away the backstory of Laurie and Michael?
I was interested in the new movie because it was a back to the original formula so to speak. It caught my attention because it was supposed to be the originally intended sequel of the 78. When I saw the Jaime Lee Curtis was reprising her role and that John Carpenter was returning too….I got hungry so to speak and then when they stated that Nick Castle would reprise some scenes as The Shape I got antsy. I am glad that they went back to the basics of what Michael was and that formula that made the 78 so great.

What made you get into the art of cosplaying (how old were you? Where did you first show off your cosplay, do you design your own clothing.  Do you rehaul your masks?  If not, who do you use to help with your costume?)
I actually got into cosplaying last year. I am fresh to it and I thoroughly enjoy it! The first time I showed off my Myers 18 was at Darkside in Riverside. There I met more like minded individuals and a lot of people wanted to take photos with me. What really got me going was I was walking back to the parking garage with my wife to leave and some teen was walking by and was talking on her phone and I saw her out of the corner of my eye and she said “oh my god you will not believe what I am seeing.” She started FaceTime and I noticed her hold up her phone so I stopped walking and did that slow head turn to face her that only Michael can do. She said “oh my god that is the creepiest thing I have ever seen!” It is honestly the enjoyment that people get when they see me; that they want to come say hi or take a picture. My mask is not a rehaul, it is a ToTS 2018 and I faded the yellowing on it out to give it a bit more of that pale white look to shine through. I did design my own coveralls though using a combination of Krylon paint with a sponge and also FX blood. 

How many versions ofMichael costumes do you have?  Do you have plans to showcase more costumes?
I only have the Halloween ’18 cosplay but I just completed a Friday the 13th Part 2 Jason and I am working on a Part 3 Jason. I chose the screename thedarkshape_78 because I liked how Michael was not named in the 78 Halloween. It implied that evil had no face and no shape, so I try my best to apply that thought when I am in costume. 

Do you attend conventions?  If so which ones do you attend?  Are there any you recommend for someone who has never attended?  What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a convention as a cosplayer?
I do attend conventions. The only one I have done for Con specific was Darkside in Riverside but I have done many local events. SpooksieBoo Events in SoCal is really good and has many great local artists and they have a very tight knit community that comes along with them. The advice I would give is to make it your own and have fun with it. It is something I didn’t think I would enjoy much but the feedback is great and those moments when you hear a person yell “oh my god it is Michael Myers”. Their face lights up and they want to take a picture with you just makes it worthwhile. You meet some awesome people.

What advice would you give to a first time cosplayer?
The advice I have for first time cosplayer is to have fun! That’s what it is all about! It’s all about creativity!

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers that you follow on social media or personally know?
My favorite cosplayers are @Travisjason13, @RubenVoorhees, @darkesteyes, @horrorstevie, @southjerseyjason, and @officialrealmichaelmyers

Do you have any social media accounts for your cosplay that you would like to promote?
I do have a Instagram page that I would like to promote, @thedarkshape_78! Come drop in check out my posts and enjoy!

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