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Confessions of a Cosplayer: Cliff Helm

Welcome to another installment of “Confessions of a Cosplayer”. Each week I will feature a cosplayer in the Friday franchise who I either know personally or through social media. As time moves on, I will also be focusing on other iconic horror characters from other franchises then I will feature horror inspired cosplayers.
If you are a horror cosplayer or know someone who is a horror cosplayer and would like to be in a future spotlight, please reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or send me an email at SouthJerseyJason@gmail.com

What is your first memory of watching a Friday the 13th movie?
I honestly don’t remember my first memory watching one of the films. I was born in the mid 80’s so I didn’t have the pleasure of catching a Friday film in theaters until the release of Jason X. However I do remember going to the video store with my mom and walking up and down the horror aisle admiring all the Friday box covers. I also remember JGTH being heavily promoted upon its release. I want to say my parents rented it and that was my official introduction to the films.

What is your favorite Friday the 13th movie?
I’m always rotating out my top spot depending on the version of Jason I’m into at the moment. Sometimes I’m in the mood for zombie Jason and other times body swapping Jason haha. My current cosplay projects can also influence my decision but The Final Chapter usually occupies my #1 spot most of the time. It features fantastic characters and the return of special effects master
Tom Savini. It also features the definitive version of Jason Voorhees in my opinion. Ted White brought a brutality to the character that hadn’t been seen yet. Not taking anything away from the previous actors but Ted White raised the bar in my opinion.

What made you get into the art of cosplaying (how old were you? Where did you first show off your cosplay, do you design your own clothing, hood, hockey mask etc.?  If not, who do you use to help with your costume?)
My dad took me to see Batman 1989 in theaters. I was 4 years old and completely blown away by the film. I immediately wanted to put together my own Batman costume. A few years later I would be introduced to Friday the 13th and my obsession with the franchise was born. I put together my first Jason costume in 2nd grade with the help of my mom for a Halloween party. It consisted of a cheap plastic hockey mask and coveralls. Very Roy Burns! Attention to detail at that age didn’t matter. Once I put on the hockey mask, my imagination ran wild. Over the years I would upgrade my costumes and go all out on Halloween but it wasn’t until I discovered conventions that I really took it seriously. I started researching and really putting in the effort to source the best pieces I could find. Most of my costumes are a mix and match from different independent artists. I’ll do what I can myself but some thing’s are better left to the professionals. Some of my go to guy’s are @sculptordie, @crazydog500, @crash_creations, @bigjoegrizzly, and @rubenvoorhees

How many versions of Jason costumes do you have?  Do you have plans to showcase more costumes?
Currently I have 4 versions. Part 4, Part 8, art 9 and 8bit. I’m currently working on Jason X. It’s proving to be my most costly project yet but I’m excited about it. I also do an RZ Michael Myers from H2 and I’m working on an OG H2 Myers as well. Lastly, I’m also working on Leatherface from TCM The Beginning.

Do you attend conventions?  If so which ones do you attend?  Are there any you recommend for someone who has never attended?  What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a convention as a cosplayer?
I started attending conventions a few years ago. My favorites are Monsterpalooza, Son of Monsterpalooza and Sinister Creature Con. I hope to attend Midsumner Scream next year and possibly travel to Texas for Texas Frightmare. If you’re a first time convention attendee, I would say start with something local. Purchase a one day pass and see if it’s something you really enjoy. Bring a good camera, cash, plenty of water and have a blast.

What advice would you give to a first time cosplayer?
Preparation is key. Make sure you’re hydrated and eat something beforehand. Prepare to potentially take hundreds of pics, so have your favorite poses ready. Prepare for people to treat you like the real deal, so I recommend staying in character as people will really appreciate it. Prepare to possibly be nervous your first time cosplaying. It’s normal and once you get into your groove, it will pass. lastly, have an absolute blast!

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers that you follow on social media or personally know?
@rubenvoorhees, @sdcostumeguy, @leo.von.voorhees, @fierro_1775 , @g3n3r4l_fury, @cosplaymayra, @killvinkrueger, @psychoking_187, @the_real_michael_myers, @art.of.the.creeps, @haider_flyinglion, @punisher_from_hell and I could keep on going

Do you have any social media accounts for your cosplay that you would like to promote?
You can follow me on IG @helm_street and FB under my name Cliff Helm

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