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Confessions of a Cosplayer: Steve Vasquez

Welcome to another installment of “Confessions of a Cosplayer”. Each week I will feature a cosplayer in the Friday franchise who I either know personally or through social media. As time moves on, I will also be focusing on other iconic horror characters from other franchises then I will feature horror inspired cosplayers.
If you are a horror cosplayer or know someone who is a horror cosplayer and would like to be in a future spotlight, please reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or send me an email at SouthJerseyJason@gmail.com
This week’s cosplayer I first met through social media and than we met in person at Jason Fest in Blairstown, NJ almost a year ago. I cant believe it has been a year since Jason Fest. I can’t wait for the day when this pandemic is behind us and we have start going to conventions again!.. Enjoy this spotlight!

What is your first memory of watching a Friday the 13th Movie?
I remember the very first time I ever saw a Friday the 13th movie I was about 4 years old.  My dad took me to watch Jason Lives in theaters. I knew who Jason was but my mom wouldn’t
let me watch scary movies so dad would take me to watch them in theaters.  Since the others were on VHS already, I never got a chance to watch them so the first one I saw was Jason
coming back to life.  I remember just being in awe at how much of a bad ass he was and how strong he was for someone who had just come back from the dead.  After that I was hooked.  
My mom finally let me watch the other films and it was an obsession ever since.

What is your favorite Friday the 13th movie?
Well I love them all including part 5 which is one of my favorites and shows that ANYONE can suit up and be Jason.  Roy was the first Jason cosplayer! I’d have to say that part 4
is probably my absolute favorite.  It has everything you could want in a Friday film and its probably one of my favorite Jason looks.

What made you get into the art of cosplaying (how old were you? Where did you first show off your cosplay, do you design your own clothing, hood, hockey mask, etc.? If not, who do you
use to help with your costume?)

I’ve always loved getting dressed up.  As a kid and even now as an adult Halloween was always my favorite holiday.  I got into the cosplay game a little late probably about 2 or 3 years ago
although it wasn’t my first time dressing up as Jason. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a couple of years ago so I was about 35 years old or so.  The first time I ever showed off my
cosplay was at the Rockula event that was held in San Antonio Texas a few years back.  I met
Lar-Park Lincoln that year and she loved my get up and that was also the first horror convention
that I ever attended. 
My get up at the time was just a bunch of stuff that i had thrown together myself( dickie pants and a torn up and worn shirt, a part 4 Neca mask that I painted up and a very cheaply made hood I had ordered on Amazon).  It wasn’t until I came across A New Kind of Fear customs that I started to take this serious.  I ordered a part 3 mask from Topher and used that for a while and would just randomly piece together clothing that I thought would work.  I bought a part 4 hood and thats what I use now for the most part but I am working on my own version of “Dead White” which Topher and Joe Gallow have brought to life but my clothing will be completely different for my “dead” look.  As far as masks I dont have any set mask that I use but I have bought a few from plenty of mask makers in the game.  I’m not a professional mask painter but I do paint blanks up that I purchase online from people from time to time.
The machete I use has changed from time to time as well. I went from using a Neca replica 09 movie machete to a plastic one I painted up and just now have some real machetes that I painted up and cut to use as props for photo shoots.  

How many versions of Jason costumes do you have? Do you have plans to showcase more costumes?
As of right now I have 9 different hoods and about 45 different masks but am mainly focused on my own version of Jason clothing wise.  I would like to eventually do a screen accurate
Jason but I feel like letting your creativity take over when putting a cosplay together is much more fun.  I do have one in the works right now that will be my dead look and completely different from anything anyone else is doing at the moment.  Its a mix of a bunch of different looks from different Jason’s.

Do you attend conventions? If so which ones do you attend? Are there any you recommend for someone who has never attended? What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a convention as a cosplayer?
I do try to attend conventions as much as I can. Since I live in South Texas I usually attend San Antonio Comic Con and Texas Frightmare Weekend but I would love to attend some of the
bigger horror cons on the East coast.  Texas Frightmare is always fun to attend so if you have never been to one and you are close you should check it out for sure.  My advice for someone
who has never attended a convention as a cosplayer is if you dress up prepare to take TONS of pictures with people and be ready to face off with other cosplayers; its half of the fun!
Walking up and doing a face off between Jason and Micheal or whoever else is there is always a great photo op for people! Just remember to stay hydrated and have fun!

What advice would you give to a first time cosplayer?
Put pride into your look.  Especially your mask! Have fun with it and dont listen to the negative comments people will make because they will be made.  Use that negativity to push you
to do that much better next time around!

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers that you follow on social media or personally know?
My favorite cosplayers that I follow in no particular order are @13_gallows_lane_ @SouthJerseyJason and @MidsouthManiac!  These guys are some of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and are an inspiration for everything I do in my photoshoots.  Meeting them in Blairstown was a great experience. 

Do you have any social media accounts for your cosplay that you would like to promote?
You can follow me on Facebook at Corpus Christi Jason Voorhees or on Instagram at @Scuba_Draven_Cosplay


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